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Mr. Bharat Singh, Program Associate

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Palpitate of human feelings always excite me. The human feeling towards nature and its different aspects could be discovered through different angles of love. I just try to express these views, feelings and emotions through different faces of my art. For this purpose, I always use the human forms, because, being a human myself, I have observed human forms very closely. May be that is why I believe that the human forms are my best way of expression. Moreover, I often prefer expressing me through a female form, as it’s much easier to express the emotions that are born in the heart through female characters. Flower, which is also a symbol of delicateness, which brings freshness in the environment through its fragrance, also helps me in my expression. The source of my imagination is the nature and the environment around me, from where I chose my forms and make some changes according to my need. To express these views and feelings, there is no limitation of medium. Medium also changes according to the need. I have expressed human feelings by many human relations through my works. Like, mother’s for her children, parent’s for their family, husband and wife relation, sister towards sister, human feelings to the material, human feelings for the great nature, for birds, animals and for nature’s other elements.

Miss Gurjinder Kaur, Program Associate

My art works are always very simple compositions of my memories, dreams and desires. My childhood was filled with countless memorable moments that I would love to relive. Many, who have happy childhood memories, would also, I am sure, feel the same. Childhood is a period which is associated with fun and play. Those days of sand, mud, water, toys, birds- animals, picnics, friends, brother-sister, parents, relatives and festivals are still alive in my memories. By the development of cities, living situations are changed, families are changed and relations are changed. Day by day society is changing and day by day I am missing more and more, those beautiful passed days and its wonderful unforgettable moments and all that unconsciously appears in my works.